ERO-guides - Longitudinal Motion In Precision


Dove Tail Slide Guidances

Advantages of ERO-slide guides type S

  • longevity
  • traverse speed until 15 m/min with
    coated and lubricated execution
  • simple play allowance due to
    conical feed rail 
  • ease of motion
  • highest precision
  • very good emergency running properties
    with coated execution
  • very good reduction of vibration
    due to high static and sliding friction
  • economical
Material standard version EN-GJS-400-15
Slide version all outside faces ground
Spindle version hardened and ground metric standard spindles
Capability of bearing 165 N until 1974 N
Up-grade precision ±0.02 mm on 300 mm of length
Weight of basic version 0.2 kg - 130 kg
Maintenance low maintenance