ERO-guides - Longitudinal Motion In Precision

Abrichtmaschine AR14

Dressing Machine AR14 motor-driven

Advantages AR14

  • Compact and rigid way of construction
  • Rotation number of both motors continuously variable
  • Camera system with angular measuring device
  • Runup and indication of DXF-files on the monitor possible
  • Fast setup
  • Easy handling
  • Multi-wheel packages Ø150mm – 150mm in length
  • Dressing between single wheels possible with multi-wheel packages
  • Single wheels Ø80mm – 300mm
  • Oscillation motor-driven

With the reasonably priced profiling and dressing device ERO AR 14 high-grade grinding results are obtained as are only expected from very expensive devices.

Due to the special dressing system of the silicon carbide wheel that is moved manually in angular position the diamond and borazon wheels are reprofiled and ground.

Constructional changes reserved.